Boy's Home

Founded: September 10, 1983.

Objective: Help children at social risk (orphan, abandoned, abused).

Provide all the necessary attention and care (physical, moral and spiritual).

Contribute to the boys’ education up to the completion of a technical or university degree.

At age 15 the children go from the Boy’s Home to the Youth’s Home.

We have helped an average of 1,300 boys along a period of 22 years.

La Esperanza Rehabilitation Farm

Founded: March 1st, 1982.

Objective: To rehabilitate male individuals suffering from alcoholism in collaboration with members of the Alcoholics Anonymous Program.

Cover basic needs (physical, moral and spiritual).

Provide occupational therapy.

It attends a monthly average of 25 inmates.

To date, 1,720 people have been treated and 250 people have been rehabilitated

Girl's Home

Founded: February 01, 1987.

Objective: Helping girls at social risk (orphan, abandoned, abused).

Provide the girls with all the necessary care for an integrative education (physical, moral and spiritual).

Offer academic or technical education.

For the last 18 years the center has helped an average of 600 girls.

Merced Medical And Dental Clinic

Objective: To provide medical and dental care to people with limited economic resources.

Extend dental services (dental extractions, dental cleaning, x-rays, application of fluoride, endodontics, etc.).

Expand medical services (pregnancy control, minor surgery, cytology, etc.)

A monthly average of 250 patients is attended and more than 197,814 patients have been treated in outpatient clinics.

Youth's Home

Founded: August 29, 1993.

Objective: Giving continuity to the education of the beneficiaries at the Boy’s Home, who are moved to this center when they become adolescents.

Modules for Seniors

Founded: In the year 1987

Objective: To provide individual housing, with all basic services to seniors without family or in subhuman conditions.

Provide food, medical care, medicines, clothing, occupational therapy, etc.

Since 1998 the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul are coordinating this center.

Capacity: 40 people

Buen Samaritano Home

Founded: Year 1996.

Objective: Host male patients with terminal diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and tuberculosis, who are not yet in their final stage.

Provide the care that patients require, such as appropriate food, medical attention, medications, etc.

Capacity for 16 chronic patients and we have attended to date 300 beneficiaries.

Garden and basic center Vicentino Father Antonio Quetglas

Founded: May 03, 1993.

Objective: To meet the educational needs of Colonia San Vicente de Paul and surrounding communities.

Provide spiritual and human formation to all students of this educational center (Catechesis, Psychological Orientation, etc.).

Offer scholarships to students with limited economic resources, in the areas of Pre-school, primary and secondary.

Capacity: 530 students


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