The Congregation Pauline Fathers of the Catholic Church of Honduras, concerned about the great influx of social problems that affect the city of San Pedro Sula, in 1980 began the studies to open the first community aid centers, led by the Reverend Father Antonio Quetglas, occupying then the position of Pastor of the Parish San Pedro Apostle (Cathedral).

The Reverend Father Antonio was the founder of what is now the Vincentian Social Works Foundation, which was officially constituted as such on September 29, 1995, through resolution # 160-95, issued by the Presidency of the Republic through the Office of Governance and Justice, which establishes the guidelines that will govern the functioning of the Foundation.


We are a Catholic NGO, founded in the mystique of St. Vincent de Paul, with the purpose of improving the living conditions of the most needy brothers in Honduras, through our own specialized centers and alliances with other related institutions.


To be a charitable organization, solid, focused on improving the quality of life of the most needy people of Honduras who attend our centers, accompanied by a family of partners committed spiritually and professionally and with the support of people and institutions that share our success.


It is the objective of the VICENTINE SOCIAL WORKS FOUNDATION, the development of works and housing projects; Creation and development of centers to house children with social, family and similar problems, as well as to single mothers and young people with similar problems, rehabilitation of people addicted to alcohol and drugs by means of farms, workshops and others that are necessary for Such as medical assistance, hospitalization, technical and intellectual education, as well as worship, charity, human and spiritual development undertaken or undertaken by the Catholic Church of Honduras, in particular the Congregation of the Mission or Fathers Paules.


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